April 26, 2022

Aaron - Philippines

Aaron - Philippines

Become the best version of you.

Aaron's Goals - To keep growing, learning....and buy a road bike!

'The sensation is amazing. It feels even better since I know I worked hard for the SLP and that I grind every day.'

The impact of CGU on my personal life has been significant. I have met a lot of friends, learned how to work with people, learnt to value my time and became a resourceful individual.

Marco has given and taught us a lot. I’m a better version of myself. I was once a lazy and disorganised, but now I am a hard worker - an efficient and humble person!

As of now, the money I earned from playing Axie is still in my TimeX account, but when the time comes, I'll withdraw it and buy a road bike since I enjoy racing.

My inspiration comes from God, my family, and my girlfriend.

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