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December 20, 2021
Expanding our Partnership with Rising Sun

Expanding our Partnership with Rising Sun

The new initiative will almost double the total number of active players, with investment running for at least three years.

CGU actively seeks out the best opportunities in the play-to-earn space, and the most promising prospects for the future. That’s why, back in November, we announced our interest in the Samurai-themed metaverse gaming project, RisingSun.

Our initial scholarship programme saw 50 CGU players on boarded into RisingSun’s first P2E game, SamuraiRising. Seeing the success of this development, the demand for more scholarships, and the growth of the game overall, CGU is now excited to expand that partnership to 2,500 CGU players in December!

The new scholarship programme will have two parts:

  • 1,000 accounts will be made available to our existing community, supporting CGU’s top players
  • 1,500 accounts will be offered to new scholars

The new accounts will see our scholarship community grow to over 7,000 players. It will also push SamuraiRising into the top 30 games on Binance Smart Chain in December, and almost double the total number of active users to 5,500 players.

Beyond creating 2,500 new scholarships, CGU has committed to educating and training its community about SamuraiRising, to enable them to increase their earnings and engage with the metaverse more effectively. CGU’s collaboration with RisingSun will last for at least three years.

Stay tuned, because you’ll be hearing more about the Samuraiverse and RisingSun’s list of blockchain games in the coming months!

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