Updated on 
November 5, 2021
CGU To Support ThunderLands

CGU To Support ThunderLands

Crypto Gaming United is pleased to announce its support for ThunderLands, a browser-based MMO in which players explore a fantasy world, claim territory, and engage in combat with other squads of players.

As a multi-blockchain play-to-earn title, users will be able to accrue wealth as they progress through the game, generating income in the form of NFTs and tokens as they gain territory and win control of buildings and artefacts. Tokens can be traded on an in-game marketplace.

ThunderLands is currently in development, with launch scheduled for mid-December 2021. We’re confident that it will prove to be a popular option in the fast-growing play-to-earn space, and that CGU DAO’s community will find it both enjoyable and profitable.

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