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November 1, 2021
CGU Partners with Waves Ducks

CGU Partners with Waves Ducks

CGU is thrilled to announce its partnership with Waves Ducks - popular NFT-based game centered on collecting quirky digital ducks.

Each Waves Ducks NFT has its own rarity determined by its genotype.

A duck’s value depends on this rarity, the higher the rarity, the higher the farming rewards it can yield.

The ‘Duck Hunter’ game combines NFT collectibles and yield farming. Players use different game mechanics to take part in community activities to earn $EGG token.

Collective Farms are also created in Waves Ducks. These farms are based on sharing farming profits between participants.

Over 1500 farms have been created in Waves Ducks since the play-to-earn game launched in May this year. CGU have created our own CGU farm where we will breed our ducks.  Ducks will hatch eggs and bring income to the farm in the form of $EGG tokens.

Players will be able to come to our farm to use our ducks and take part in battles. In victory, our player will receive share-tokens of our CGU farm. These tokens will allow them to claim a part of our $EGG token earnings from our ducks. Players can also sell share-tokens on the exchange.

One of the greatest features of the Ducks NFTs is that they have recognizable faces. There is a duck very similar to Donald Trump and one designed after Super Mario.

The Waves Ducks project was developed by the team at the Waves Technology. Waves ecosystem made headlines earlier this year with the biggest sale of an NFT outside of Ethereum. The NFT, called Perfection, was a Waves Ducks created by Waves founder Sasha Ivanov and sold for $1 million. Following the sale, Ivanov launched the Duck Hunter game.

Given the spike in popularity of NFTs in the last month, Waves Ducks is now in the Top-14 NFT marketplaces, resulting in over $4MILLION in sales volume over the last 30days, 70,000 active players and 15,000 ducks created.

For more information about Waves Ducks, check out their Website, and Telegram.

Also join our CGU Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.

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