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December 23, 2021
CGU Partners With Upcoming Play-To-Earn Game Inite

CGU Partners With Upcoming Play-To-Earn Game Inite

Crypto Gaming United is pleased to announce its latest partnership. We are in the process of integrating support for Inite, an intriguing new play-to-earn game hosted on the NEAR platform.

What Is Inite?

The play-to-earn sector is heating up, and the new possibilities enabled by the integration of blockchain mechanics are limited only by developers’ imagination.

Inite is a game with a difference. It’s an application designed to improve cognitive skills and user productivity, helping to program the brain to become more efficient – a kind of ‘play-to-learn’ game.

Inite is based around the creation and development of ideas, and the aim of generating 10 new ideas every day. Players get to know like-minded people, team up, enter combat, raise their score and earn tokens. And since every ‘idea’ is actually an NFT, ownership and attribution of intellectual property is guaranteed. There’s even a built-in marketplace to enable players to sell their most inspired ideas!

Early Access

CGU’s backing of Inite sees the guild’s members gain early access to Inite’s tech and help to improve both their gaming skills and Inite’s gameplay. CGU players will engage with the Inite sandbox to share ideas, earn points and develop their characters. Points can be exchanged for other cryptos or other NFTs and metaverse assets in Inite’s in-app market.

‘Inite is an unusual and promising project,’ comments Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU. ‘With significant backing from NEAR and an experienced team, as well as a ground-breaking concept, Inite ticks all the boxes for a partnership with CGU. When work, play, and personal development all come together, that’s a very powerful message and use case for blockchain gaming and I know our community will be excited to engage with this new opportunity.’

Find out more at Inite.io.

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