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November 2, 2021
CGU Partners with RisingSun for SamuraiRising, the first of three major releases from the group.

CGU Partners with RisingSun for SamuraiRising, the first of three major releases from the group.

CGU adds a mix of NFTs, play to earn mechanics and unique Samurai aesthetics in its partnership with RisingSun, a rapidly expanding ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. Their game, SamuraiRising allows players to battle, earn and rule in the NFT card game set in feudal Japan .


Featuring collectible Samurai, Shogun, Ninja, Monks and more battle cards in form of NFTs. Every NFT has unique in-game stats and is a one-of-a-kind combination of different visual assets, such as weapons and armor. Players go head to head in an NFT card game that rewards them with Influence ($INF) — a side-token embedded in the RisingSun ecosystem.

RisingSun’s Ecosystem

RisingSun ($RSUN) is a token that powers the ecosystem surrounding SamuraiRising. 5,000 first-generation ‘General’ NFTs were minted exclusively using $RSUN. Only 5,000 generals will ever exist, making them an exclusive asset. Now those genesis Generals, but also all of the thereof recruited Samurais, totalling currently 10,000 NFTs total, can be used to recruit additional soldiers to battle and earn additional rewards with.

$INF facilitates SamuraiRising’s play-to-earn mechanics. Players are rewarded $INF for winning games and playing frequently. The token is held in a liquidity pool with $RSUN, allowing players to convert their winnings to $RSUN while simultaneously expanding the ecosystem. In addition, $RSUN and first-generation NFT holders receive a portion of RisingSun’s trading volume in $BUSD, adding further value. All in all, RisingSun brings fun and utility to the world of blockchain gaming.

Focus on the Future

A focus on sustainability and rapid feature expansion makes RisingSun one of the most exciting projects on Binance Smart Chain. A Land sale is currently ongoing that allows players to reserve a plot of land on the first island of Japan, Kyushu, to build houses, barracks, ports and lots of other buildings to gather resources and train soldiers for your ever-growing army.

SamuraiRising is fully upgradeable, ensuring that further complexity can be added over time. A v2 version of the game, project ‘Rise of the Shogun’  is also in the making, that from a gameplay perspective, will join the likes of Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering and is expected to release in late November 2021.

SamuraiRising is the first of three major releases from RisingSun. The second game is the first ever Play2Earn game on Telegram  - BananaKatana, launched during the Halloween season 2021 and accessible in your Telegram mobile app via t.me/bkauth_bot.

For more information on RisingSun, check out their white paper, website  and Twitter and especially Gitbook, where you can find necessary information to get started.

Do you have what it takes to become the most powerful Shogun of feudal Japan?

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