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November 3, 2021
CGU is listed on Olive.Cash

CGU is listed on Olive.Cash

As well as providing a new venue for users to trade their tokens, OLIVE stakers will receive CGU rewards for the rest of the month.

$CGU, the native currency of Crypto Gaming United, has been listed on Olive.Cash, a decentralized exchange hosted on Binance Smart Chain.

Trade BNB-CGU on Olive.Cash

As an Automated Market Maker (AMM) built on BSC, Olive.Cash offers secure, decentralised trading, with low fees and easy migration to Ethereum via the Binance Bridge. The token address for CGU on BSC is 0x747d74db20cc422f39ab54edb2a3ce21f3c98af1.

Holders can also earn by depositing their CGU to Olive.Cash’s liquidity pool, receiving a proportion of fees on trades.

Earn OLIVE staking rewards

Anyone who holds OLIVE – the governance token for Olive.Cash – can earn CGU rewards by staking their tokens. A total of 2,500 CGU are available, to be distributed over the course of 1 million blocks (just over one month).

Rewards started on 25 October at 14:00 UTC and will end towards the close of this month. 0.0025 CGU will be issued to stakers every block. Find out more about CGU rewards for OLIVE stakers.

This is a great development for the CGU ecosystem, and we hope our community will trade, provide liquidity, and stake to earn rewards on Olive.Cash!

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