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November 22, 2021
CGU and THE METAKEY Form Strategic Partnership!

CGU and THE METAKEY Form Strategic Partnership!

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) has partnered with The Metakey to drive forward NFT adoption, use cases and education, with the CGU DAO taking a notable stake in the project and investing in Metakey assets.

NFTs are an exciting new technology and have seen enthusiastic adoption as a means of trading digital artworks and collectibles, including in-game assets. However, existing use cases have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.

The Metakey looks to a future in which NFTs are the foundations of digital identity and access. As a ‘meta’ or master key, a single Metakey can be used to access and customise hundreds of different applications, since it’s possible to link many NFTs to the same key – hugely simplifying the way we engage with the metaverse, play-to-earn games, and other NFT-powered software.

CGU-Metakey Investments

The collaboration between CGU and The Metakey starts with the acquisition of 100 Metakeys by CGU. These are rare and sought-after assets; while the total number of future-edition Metakeys will continue to expand, the first four series are highly restricted:

  • Edition 1 (“Genesis”): 500 Keys
  • Edition 2 (“The Artifact”): 750 Keys
  • Edition 3 (“The Ultimate”): 1,000 Keys
  • Edition 4 (“The Captain”): 7,500 Keys

CGU has purchased 100 Edition 4 Keys and will also be participating in the upcoming Edition 5 sale — in exchange for an acquisition of CGU tokens by The Metakey— to further align interests between the two teams.

‘CGU and The Metakey already share the mutual goal of driving forward NFT adoption across the full spectrum of use cases, including play-to-earn gaming and metaverse experiences, understanding that NFTs are one of the key technologies that will power Web3,’ says Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU. ‘This development gives each partner a financial stake in the other’s work and even more reason to see both parties succeed.’

Ecosystem Partnerships

CGU and The Metakey will realise this goal in several ways. One of the first initiatives will involve updating and building out the Metakademy — Metakey’s exclusive, community-curated learning hub — with custom courses designed to educate both CGU and Metakey community members in everything they need to know about blockchain, NFTs and the cryptocurrency world, as well as conventional budgeting and finance.

While Metakey-holders will remain exclusive in their ability to unlock the entire Metakademy, the CGU community will be able to access and benefit from a premium collaborative section.

The two will also partner to organise concerts and other events together in the metaverse, including Decentraland and Sandbox, with further plans to be announced in the coming weeks.

‘Community, collaboration and organic culture are the foundations of the metaverse; an understanding that I believe we share with CGU’, commented Metakey Founder Matty (aka @DCLBlogger). ‘We’re excited to explore opportunities to grow and empower our communities together through this promising new partnership’.

The Metakey-CGU partnership promises to be an exciting and strategic move for both teams — and one that we expect to bear fruit as the nascent NFT and play-to-earn space continues to rapidly expand.

CGU and The Metakey! Together to the Moon! With the diverse talents within our CGU community, a competition was held to design a badge to personify the CGU partnership with The METAKEY. We are excited to announce our winner as CGU scholar Johnwell Lugtu from the Philippines.

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