Updated on 
November 8, 2021
CGU Adds SafeHamsters To Game List

CGU Adds SafeHamsters To Game List

Having recently announced support for browser-based fantasy MMO ThunderLands, we are pleased to add another title to our list of CGU-backed games. SafeHamsters sees a group of intrepid hamsters fighting for glory and wealth in an augmented reality environment – putting a compelling new twist on the play-to-earn combat game genre. Launched in May, the game is in active ongoing development, with a full roadmap.

Aside from battles, SafeHamsters includes opportunities to earn through the HamsterMill Farms finance and investing facility, which allows users to take advantage of liquidity mining and farming opportunities to generate passive income.

Players earn Safehamsters tokens through both combat and farming, as well as gaining NFT accessories for their characters.

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