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April 26, 2022
ForthBox and CGU Ask me Anything

ForthBox and CGU Ask me Anything

ForthBox is a full-category GameFi aggregation service platform. It formulates a NFT asset aggregation protocol based on game scenarios, supports game developers to issue game NFTs with one click, and makes the rapid transformation of traditional online games into blockchain games a reality.

ForthBox hosted an AMA (ask-me-anything) with CGU Head of Brand and Communications Rita Salib and the Forth Box Telegram community.

The AMA Session had 3 Segments:

  • Introduction and Questions from Forth Box Community for CGU
  • Questions from Forth Box Community for ForthBox
  • Open to community for Questions

Special thanks to the thousands of BSC community members who tuned in on telegram, especially those who asked their questions and congratulations to those that won in the quiz!

Start of transcript [10 Jan 2022 at 11:59:52 pm].

FB: Could you please briefly introduce yourself as well as CGU?

RS: I'm Rita, CGU brand and operations team.

CGU, or Crypto Gaming United is a project that taps into the rapid growth of the play-to-earn blockchain gaming sector. We offer scholarships so people can take part in blockchain games which rewards players.
We are helping to give a living wage to people who need it the most in the countries where jobs are scarce, access to loans is difficult, and opportunities to learn new skills are lacking.

Also, our scholars are gaining critical new skills that will shortly be in huge demand by employers setting up shop in the metaverse.

We recently completed a successful public token sale and are now fully funded.

FB: Thanks Rita for sharing. As we all know, CGU has become one of the strategic partners of ForthBox. Binance Smart Chain Growth Fund has announced an investment to CGU via its $1 billion Growth Fund on December 21, 2021. Next, Rita and I will answer 5 selected questions submitted by users. We will send these questions to the group one by one.

FB:  How did CGU and Forthbox become partners and how do they help each other?

RS: Investing in ForthBox solidifies our partnership. We are excited for the opportunity to bring new games to our guild players and grow our community. In turn we will promote ForthBox to our community in over 30 markets.

FB: At this stage, what are the games that have established partnerships with CGU? What criteria will CGU be looking at when selecting partners? (@Metaverse517)

RS: We have partnered with top-tier P2E games including Axie Infinity, Samurai Rising, Thunder Lands, Aavegotchi and others which are not yet complete but we will see their launch in Q1 2022 - so watch this space for announcements!

When partnering with games, we review each as a case by case situation as we have a broad community and select games to suit their diverse skill sets. Essentially we look for synergies with game launch timing, financial rewards, how strong the community is, strengths of the founders team, support and investors and of course review of tokenomics are critical.

FB: Why did you decide to invest in the ForthBox? (@jun)

RS: Lots of good reasons 😉

Promising project

Quality team!

Big market potential

Good gameplay

FB: In what ways will CGU help ForthBox to increase the number of users? (@cater1024)

RS: Our community has over 100,000 members in over 30 countries. As a partner, ForthBox has direct exposure and connection to our global network.

FB: What kind of rewards will users get through playing games on CGU? (@CZ898)

RS: Our gamers earn a share of in-game tokens while playing games as part of our community. Beyond that we are providing more opportunities to our growing scholar community. More games, better games will all help grow the industry and onboard more users to web3.  Our scholars are gaining lucrative skills that will shortly be in huge demand.

Speaking of the metaverse, we are working with some artists now to further bring music and NFTs into our portfolio of activities and we are also in the process of designing some curriculum for our first education offering to our CGU community- How to create and Market NFTs.

FB: Thank you Rita for answering these question from our communities.

Now we have the following 5 pre-collected questions for the ForthBox

Q1: How do I earn FBX from the Space War game? (@davlee999)

FB : Space War is the first game independently developed by the ForthBox team. It introduces blockchain technology, integrates NFT+GameFi functions, and gives full play to the advantages of DeFi and NFT. And it adopts a new financial mechanism and game system to give players a unique game experience. Space War strives to become the top player in the Play to Earn ecosystem.

The game releases a total of 10,000 NFT fighters (Fighter) according to their rarity, including 5,000 N-level, 3,000 R-level, 1,500 SR-level and 500 SSR-level. Each level of Fighter NFT corresponds to different POWER, COINS, PET, HP, and users can improve these attributes by upgrading.

Before users join the Space War game, they must have Ham NFT and Fighter NFT.

Users can stake different numbers of $FBX to earn a Fighter NFT correspondingly. They can also trade these Fighter NFTs through ForthBox’s NFT marketplace, which means the Fighter NFT has trading value. In the future, we will empower these game-related NFT with DeFi functionality. For example, users can stake these NFTs to earn $FBX.

Besides, users will earn scores through Space War gameplay. Scores are the hashrate of the game. There are two major use cases for hashrate:

1) Hashrate exchange for FBX - Daily total hashrate will be settled at 24:00 UTC +8  (16:00 SGT), the maintenance will last an hour. Calculation is based on the formula below

User’s daily FBX earning = (100,000+100*N)*Personal hashrate/Total hashrate (“N” refers to the number of Fighter NFT participating in Space War game on that date)

2) Hashrate for Mystery box lottery draw - Consume 10,000 hashrate to buy a mystery box, no cap for the daily consumption (Hashrate consumed will not be included into personal/total hashrate of that date). In terms of the prize of the lottery draw, users will get either a certain amount of hashrate or Fighter NFT in return.

Q2: Which token will be used for the new game? FBX or new token? (@chenandone)

FB : $FBX is the only utility token of the ForthBox platform. All the games published on the ForthBox will need to use FBX. Ham NFT is the ticket to ForthBox's games. Game-related NFT is also a ticket to play the game, it is plays a role as the character in gameplay. Users who want to play ForthBox published games must have both Han NFT and game-related NFT.

We are going to cooperate and conduct AMA with more communities, promoting the ForthBox platform and our first game Space War. Additionally, we will have in-depth collaboration with CGU. We hope to bring more fun games to CGU users. In this way, we will have more users to join ForthBox.

Q3: What's your plan for next year with the FORTHBOX? (@jun)

FB : We are going to accomplish many remarkable milestones this year. When you look at our roadmap, ForthBox has always been pushing our project forward in accordance with it.

For now, the global market is cooling down, and we might be running into some unexpected problems. But, luckily, we have a united team. More importantly, we strongly believe that the tokenomics and product design of ForthBox are extremely competitive in the market.

We also believe that ForthBox will have a bright future as long as we stick to our plan stated in the roadmap. We hope that users can stay with us and keep supporting us. Let’s witness the rise of ForthBox all together!

2022 Q1 Road Map

Space War online

List on CEX

Launched social platform V1.0 — Game Guild

The second self-operated game launched

GameFi aggregation platform V1.0 is launched

ForthBox APP V1.0 online

NFT asset aggregation protocol V1.0 launched

Social platform V1.1 — social system launched

GameFi aggregation platform V1.1 launched

NFT blind box online

NFT auction online

3D NFT online

Online games incubated by the ForthBox Foundation

Online third-party games

List on leading CEX

Q4: What countries or regions will be Forthbox's major market in the future? Why? (@cwmetaverse)

FB: First of all, we need to make sure we meet the compliance requirements of different countries. Therefore, we may not take the initiatives to promote proactively in certain countries. For example, the community in China was established by users in China spontaneously.

Users from English-speaking regions like North America have always been our main focus. For other regions, in phase one, we will lay emphasis on Asia (especially Korea, Japan in East-Asia, Southeast Asian Countries, Persian speaking countries in the Middle East Asia). We’ve relocated our operation team to Singapore in order to stay closer with our target users.

In the next phase, we will allocate more resources to Spanish-speaking regions in Latin America, Europe(primarily Russia in the Far East region, and countries in Western Europe).

Be ForthBox Community Ambassador to Get A Share of Millions of Dollars

Start from: December 5, 2021

We understand that there are diverse cultural backgrounds in different regions. That’s why we initiated the Community Ambassador Program, hoping users across the globe who are interested to cooperate with ForthBox will join the program.

Details about the recruitment can be found here:


Now users can send your question to the group, don’t forget to @ForthBox_Admin or @Rita_D_S depending on your question. We will unmute the community for 3 minutes, and then we are going to pick and answer a total of 3 to 5 questions.

Q1 for CGU: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

RS: To develop staking and greater use for our token, to build a bigger and strong community, the biggest guild in the world and in turn, the biggest employment platform.  2022 will also see the formation of the CGU DAO

Q2 for CGU: Can you tell us in what ways will CGU help bring more players to ForthBox?

RS: Our community is 100,000 ppl strong and spans 30+ countries. With this in mind, ForthBox has access to this network of gaming enthusiasts to build on and grow the player numbers they already have

FB: Nice, thanks for Rita’s sharing. I found an interesting question that I would like to answer as well.

Q1 for ForthBox: I saw the metabull game screen via twitter. Is this a battle game?

ForthBox: Nice question. Metabull is a strategy battle game, you can either get a random match to battle with another player or invite your friend to fight with you via our upcoming Social module.

We believe that Metabull is going to be a very interesting game for our users/players. It will be available by February. Please stay tuned.

We've come to the end of today’s AMA. Thank you all for your participation!

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