The CGU technology


LaborX enables freelancers and employers to connect, organise work, and arrange payment – securely, automatically, and without any middlemen. CGU’s members can join the CGU Discord and then use a special on LaborX to arrange a scholarship, in which they borrow NFTs to improve their earnings potential in play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity in return for a proportion of their daily income.
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Australia-based crypto exchange enables CGU’s community to trade the tokens they earn from playing blockchain games for other popular cryptos and fiat currencies, allowing them to diversify their portfolios and cash out into major local currencies. The CGU token itself is listed on TimeX, as well as popular coins from P2E games such as SLP, TCP and others.
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CGU Staking is a DeFi staking program for CGU token. By locking CGU token in the smart contract, it will generate regular rewards from staking.
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Our monitoring tool provides analytics for every player, enabling CGU to gain an overview of each country in which the DAO is active, manage its members more effectively, reward top users, and help improve earnings for those who need some extra assistance.
The CGU token is the native currency and fuel of the CGU DAO. CGU is distributed for completing tasks that are beneficial for the community, as bonuses for exceeding targets, and as staking rewards. The token can be used to buy services within the DAO, as well as voting on different proposals to determine future priorities and initiatives.
Available markets:
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